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Ralph Kleiter - Spiritual Travel Designer

What Makes Our Tours Different From Other Tours? - Our New Voyages Enrichment Program - (Ministry to Tourism's Special Contribution) A special feature of "Pilgrim Journeys" is Ministry to Tourism's Enrichment Program known as "New Voyages."

Ministry to Tourism offers the valued feature of a special theme curriculum during a travel experience. In fact, as soon as you are registered, you will begin to receive printed materials to help you prepare for your travel experience.

Ministry to Tourism offers:
Orientation sessions before, during and after major site visits. Special theme celebrations, liturgical and otherwise, for participants regardless of religious backgrounds. Helpful "tools" and materials to assist participants to integrate the experience. Services of special presentations by guest facilitator(s). Exclusively designed special interest excursions at a minimum cost. Although many vacation packages offer exceptional value, our facilitator(s) accent this experience with a reflection focus that will prove to be even more alluring, meaningful and engaging.

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